Hybrid vs. Electric Cars: What’s the Difference?

2022 Kia Sorento Hybrid Parked


No doubt your Valencia commute is getting more and more expensive as gas prices continue to rise. Maybe you’re thinking about switching to an electrified vehicle. But, which would be better for your needs, a fully electric car or a hybrid? Is there a difference between hybrid and electric cars? If you’re having your own hybrid vs. electric cars debate, we’re here to help. We’ve even created an electric & hybrid information depot for all your EV questions. So, we’ve put together hybrid cars vs. electric cars comparison below.


Hybrid Cars vs. Electric Cars: Gas Mileage

Hybrid cars get excellent gas mileage. The Kia Sorento Hybrid, for instance, can deliver an estimated 39 miles per gallon in the city. The Kia Niro Plug-In Hybrid, however, can deliver an equivalent of 105 miles per gallon. But the major difference between hybrid and electric cars is that electric cars, like the Kia Niro EV and EV6 use no gas at all. They are powered completely by a battery and an electric motor, producing zero emissions. So, you may never have the need to visit another San Fernando gas station.

Hybrid vs. Electric Cars: Charging

Another difference between hybrid and electric cars is that all-electric vehicles need to be charged, whereas most hybrid cars, on the other hand, do not. The gas engine in a hybrid vehicle charges the battery as the car runs. This may be the more convenient option for busy Valencia drivers, as charging an electric car can be time-consuming depending on which method of charging is used.

Hybrid vs. Electric Cars: Cost

The initial purchase price of a hybrid vehicle is usually a little more affordable than that of an electric vehicle. However, an electric car requires no stops at the fuel pump and very little maintenance. That means you won’t be paying for regular oil changes. There may also be more government incentives for fully electric vehicles. Of course, you’d want to check out our new vehicle specials to make sure you’re getting the best deal.

Check Out the Hybrids and Electric Cars at Kia of Valencia

Are you ready to make the switch to electric? Come check out the electric and hybrid vehicles at Kia of Valencia. And if you found this hybrid cars vs. electric cars comparison to be helpful, take a look at our other tips and advice. We’re just down the road from Sylmar, so drop by or contact us today!

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