Benefits of Electric Cars

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If you’ve been searching for a new vehicle in the Valencia-area, you’ve more than likely come across electric options. But, what are the benefits of electric vehicles? From their reduced emissions to their thrilling performances, electric cars redefine how automobiles can move throughout the world and how newer, gasless options can be just as excellent. Learn more about the benefits of electric cars with Kia of Valencia, below.


Why Buy Electric? 

Many San Fernando shoppers often have the question, “why buy electric?” Well, there are actually a number of reasons why investing in an electric vehicle can drastically improve your driving experience. Take a look at the benefits of electric vehicles:

  • Reduced Emissions–One of the main reasons why drivers will opt for a vehicle like the Kia Niro Plug-In Hybrid is because of the environmental benefits of electric cars. Depending on the type of hybrid car you drive, it may have reduced tailpipe emissions or no emissions at all. Meaning, the more drivers who take to Valencia roads in electric vehicles, this will reduce the amount of pollution in the air, resulting in cleaner air and improved health among citizens. 
  • Less Maintenance–Because electric motors have significantly improved over the years, and because they have fewer moving parts than traditional internal combustion engines, they require little maintenance and no oil changes. 
  • HOV Lane Access–When you purchase an electric car in California, you’re granted free access to carpool lanes specially designed for electric vehicle owners, no matter how many people are in the automobile.
  • Reduced Release of Greenhouse Gases–The environmental benefits of electric cars just keep on going. Electric automobiles release fewer greenhouse gases than automobiles with regular combustion engines. In turn, electric vehicles reduce drivers’ dependence on petroleum by using resources more efficiently.
  • Less Noise–When driving an electric vehicle, you can enjoy a quiet ride thanks to the absence of an engine. This reduction in sound also decreases noise pollution. 
  • Strong Performance Capabilities–If you’d like a vehicle that delivers an exciting performance in Valencia, electric cars can accomplish just that! Electric motors output an almost immediate acceleration, allowing you to pass up other vehicles when necessary. 

What are the Kia Electric Vehicles? 

Drivers who want the benefits of electric vehicles and the reliability of a Kia have access to the following eclectic Kia models:

Shop with Kia of Valencia for an Electric Kia Model Today! 

Now that you know the benefits of electric cars, make your wallet and the environment happy by shopping for an electric Kia model with Kia of Valencia. Our expert sales staff will help you find the electric car or plug-in hybrid with the range and price that suits your lifestyle. If you have any questions, contact us today!


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